Thursday, September 13, 2007

Phoning it in

Sometimes it feels like I'm only running at, like, 20% power. You know, enough to cover basic functions and tasks but not a whole lot else. I'm sure everyone has felt similar from time to time, but when you tell people you've felt that way for maybe 3 or 4 years then it's not so understandable. I think something is telling me it's time for a change. Yeah, maybe it takes me longer than most people to pick up on those clues.


iamnot said...

Wait...are you saying that feeling isn't normal?

Blush said...

yeah, me too.

the emo-bitch is back!

i love you :)

Jay Cam said...

i feel like i am running at 23% for half of the day
and 125% for the rest!

Jay Cam said...

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