Monday, July 09, 2007

Distracted, discouraged, somewhat hopeful

Not to be a complainer, but... ah, fuck it - you know me. Lately I've really been making a concerted effort to get back into the wedding planning, but I'm still not getting very far. It just doesn't come as naturally to me as it does most women, that part that says "This! I want this and I must have it! I'm a princess, a pretty pretty princess!" Ok, maybe not. But I do need to get at least something in order, an' wit' a quickness. The few options that are out there are all getting booked for any of the decent dates next year. I'm feelin the pressure, yo. The trouble isn't just money - even though that is quite troubling - it's that I'm awful at making decisions, especially when I'm not that thrilled with any of my options. I know that sometime here in the nearish future, we'll be married. But right now, it just feels really out of reach and I feel just kind of stupid and bad about it. But that's just me. I've probably said all this before.

I've been seeing some really awful, like inexcusably bad, websites while looking for wedding vendors. Stuff that hasn't been updated in years, corny graphics from the 90s, the whole bit. Doesn't anyone check out business' websites these days? I mean, I'm not going to book something just by seeing it online, but damn, would it kill these people to put up some useful information? Maybe throw me a few decent pictures that aren't thumbnail size? It is at least somewhat representative of your business, no? Bah!

But it's alright.

So, how've you been? We should catch up again sometime soon.


iamnot said...

So...keep it simple and cheap.
Focus on the meaning, not the event.
Don't beggar yourself buying stuff you don't care about when the important parts are about the commitment.

KC said...

Why not elope? Or keep it very simple and small. When I got married, we had ONLY the immediate family. We had the ceremony at his mom's house on the front lawn in March (it was 75 degrees!). If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it the same way. It was so easy and cost almost nothing.

Quinn said...

I wasn't really into the wedding planning for mine, either. Seemed like an awful lot of work and money to me. We would have eloped but our parents would never have let us hear the end of it, unfortunately. Almost 5 years later, and I still kinda wish we'd saved our money and gotten married alone on a beach somewhere. Wait, this comment was supposed to be encouraging. Damn, I suck.

Kate said...

I'm so not the big-hoopla type, but I'm afraid it would crush my family if I eloped. I'm with kc - something easy that costs nearly nothing. Well, good luck with the planning, I'll be cheering you on!