Sunday, June 03, 2007

Moving On To Other Worries...

Well, I can eat my words. The visit with dad was short and sweet, with no major issues to report.

I'm excited but also somewhat nervous to be meeting up with some old friends today. We were all really close in middle school, but gradually drifted apart during and after highschool. It should be a good time. I've just got to try to turn off that critical inner voice that compares myself to everyone else. But you know how that goes. If nothing else, maybe I can still pull off being "the funny one." There's also the 10 year highschool reunion coming up later this summer, which I haven't necessarily been invited to, as the popular folks are in charge of these things. Really not sure that I'd be up for going to that anyway.

Ah well, enough dwelling on what may or may not happen. I gotta go get ready.


ozland said...

Im not going to those reunions either.., anyway, have fun today :)

Quinn said...

How did it go?

I skipped my high school reunion- just figured I've kept in touch with everyone I wanted to keep in touch with, and didn't feel like showing up and trying to convince people my life is successful and exciting or whatever.