Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Do you have to let it linger?

Have you ever even heard of, much less drank, Ten High Whiskey? Yeah, no - you need to look further down on the liquor shelves. There you go. Anyway, it came highly recommended to us so what choice do we have but to drink it, right? It's best if you just take a deep breath and swallow it as quickly as possible without trying to taste it. (That's what she said.) Then feel the fire. And later, while burping, wonder if the term "sour mash" means it was made from sour mashed rotten bananas. No, no really - you should try it.

A nice note to tack on after that is that I'm having a really hard time dealing, just with life right now. But when am I not? And when am I not telling you about it? I know, I'm sick of it too. So to throw myself into something that would make me happy, I've been looking around, okay maybe a bit obsessively, at pets online who are up for adoption and falling in love at first sight with cats that I don't even know, who might already have been adopted by now (because it was hard to tell how often these sites get updated.) And I've been wanting to go and fill up a shopping cart full of these sweet little kitties, and a few of the dogs too. But. I really should hold myself back and try to be rational. Plus, at nearly $100 a pop (to include their medical fees), it's not even feasible that I can go on some kind of pet shopping spree. We'll see. There are a couple adoption events this weekend, maybe we'll go check them out. Also, it would probably be good for me to consider doing something admirable like Fluffy Cat does and volunteer or help out somehow with a local animal shelter or rescue program. Maybe I should allow us more time to mourn. I just don't know.

Also, is it really so bad to have your cats front-declawed if you are planning on keeping them as an inside cat? I didn't realize there is so much opposition to that, but I've only ever had indoor cats who were already front-declawed when we got them.


Fluffycat said...

It's like chopping the front part of your arm off. Cats who are declawed tend to have litterbox and behavior issues way more than the non-declawed types. All cats that I have seen can be trained to use scratchy pads or scratching posts, and you can definitely protect your furniture.

You should look into volunteering. A lot of people do it because of the same reason, they lost a pet and aren't ready yet for another one.

I will say that part of why I got two cats is that I wouldn't be able to deal with a catless household if one passed away. It would just seem too empty. When we moved, and I moved Kiki over to the new place first, it just seemed weird not having her around the old place for a few hours. Like I kept looking for her and not seeing her.

iamnot said...

In the military...Friday night, I had $10 to last the weekend.
I bought a bottle of Virginia Gentleman Whiskey for $3.50 and 12 hamburgers from burger king for $0.50 each. Food and drink through Sunday...yea.

I nearly adopted a 6 month old burmese mountain dog this weekend. I called my wife and she had to talk me down from it. It was like an addict calling his sponsor.
No getting animals on impulse!

I declawed Opus and I never felt it caused him any problems.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Fluffycat knows way more than me about the declawing issue. I had heard though, that it was like cutting off a finger joint. Jinx is declawed, has always been an indoor cat, is 19 years old, and has never had any behavioral issues. When she goes, I'll get two new kitties. It was nice for her when Bailey (our Springer) was around for company, but Bailey died almost four years ago.

$3.50 a bottle for whiskey? Ewwwww......Me, I just don't drink brown liquor. Except spiced rum.

For more cute cat fixes, go see "http://www.stuffonmycat.com".

~ Peggasus

That Nervous Girl said...

fluffycat - I'll keep those things in mind, and I do really like the idea of having TWO cats - I've seen some that need to be adopted as a pair and think that might be good for several reasons.

iamnot - Dude. I totally would've had to be talked out of that one too - those dogs are sooo beautiful, gentle and just have that air of nobility about them. I practically was infatuated with one that I used to see on a regular basis. Oh and, cheap whiskey and burgers for the weekend - ohhh yeahh!

peggasus - oh yes, I always loved your pics and stories of sweet Jinx, of the cat alphabet fame! We've been thinking of two kitties too, or a kitty and a dog, or maybe two kitties and a dog and maybe a parakeet thrown in there too. J was teasing me that every time we lose a pet, the number of pets we get afterwards will start growing exponentially!

KC said...

I've also considered getting 2 kitties once my Charlie is gone. He is an indoor cat and yes, I had him declawed about 10 years ago. I don't think I could ever do that again because it broke my heart to see how much pain he was in afterwards. He refused to walk. He'd sit up, squirrel-like, and cry. I hated myself for a long time afterwards.

Oh... and about the whiskey. I can't drink that stuff no matter how good or bad it is. I can't get past the smell.

Quinn said...

Wish I was bad-ass enough to drink whiskey. Sadly, I am not.

You can have our third, foster-but-she's-been-here-two-years dog for free if you want. I think you'd really enjoy having a 70lb dose of crazy/hyper/ADD dog in your life right now. ;)

The Cat Lady said...

Oh, I implore you not to declaw. It's inhumane and, moreover, it's a lot easier than you might think to (1) trim cat's nails or (2) concentrate scratching behavior on one object.

I didn't want to declaw my cat because the thought of it made me a little woozy, but I didn't want him scratching ANYthing. One sisal post did the trick - he's never scratched a piece of furniture. Not once.

He does have a biting problem, but I'm told that's related to the fact that I raised him from 3 weeks and he wasn't weaned properly. Definitely won't be a problem for your adoptee.