Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Long nights, impossible odds

Blah blah blah. Taking up space. 'Cause I don't like having the beginning of my posts showing up in Google's cache. Blah blah dee dah. Already know this one's a doozy...

It's eerily quiet around the orifice today. Huh. True dat.
Gives me too much time to drift.
Last night slash this morning
I was dreaming of impossible sex in an uncomfortable place.
I mean we don't even have a bathtub.
Much less the balance for that kind of thing.
And then I woke up with "Blue Collar Man" by Styx running through my head.
Just for kicks, I guess.
I think I'm losing it.
The other day I
Went to the doctor
and the doctor said
or asked
if my hair color was natural
whilst poking between my legs
which made me think
"Does the carpet match the drapes?"
Yes it does.
Mark that down.
That is all.
Non-post it up!


Becky said...

As does mine (carpet/drapes). I had a doctor ask me (at a prenatal appt) how often JP and I had sex. I'm like,"That's relevant how?"

Nervous Girl said...

Interesting. Or like "well, obviously we have sex enough to have gotten here in the first place!"

quinn said...

You know, my husband didn't even know what "the carpet matches the drapes" meant until a couple of weeks ago.

I don't know why I shared that.

Peggasus said...

1. Sex in a tub (hot or not) is way overrated. Something about the chlorine, and not conducive to uhh...lubrication, if you catch my drift. Trust me on this one. Not that we had a bigass hot tub at our old house or anything, or that I would know anything about such things.

2. I have a friend whose gyno, whenever he sees her at their common health club, always mentions, "Isn't it about time for your checkup?" Which of course has me telling her that when he sees her all he pictures is her cooter, and that reminds him to say something about it, because it must be so memorable. Ha! I am such a good friend!

Ok, I'm going now....

~ Peggasus (not dead)

That Nervous Girl said...

quinn - Ha! Well, my boss had never heard of "junk in the trunk" 'til I schooled him on it (the phrase, not my junk.)

peggasus - I'm with ya, sex in tubs is probably best in dreamland and not so much in real life. Not that I know either.
Oh God, that is too funny about your friend's gyno/cooter - ha! That's what friends are for - pointing potential embarrassments!
I'm glad you're not dead, thanks for coming by again!