Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Whassa matta you?

Me + cars = trouble.

I was just thinking, juust theenking of finally getting some body work done on my car, when lo and behold she decided not to start after I got my morning coffee from the gas station and was going to be on my way to work. I'm sorry I cursed you, car! You trying to tell me you've got worse problems I should pay attention to? I hate that sinking feeling when you're turning the key when you know it's doing no good "please turn over, please this time, please fucking start!" At least I was parked in a decent spot (not at the pump) at the time and had a few minutes to make calls before the battery died on my cell phone (figures). But I hate that. When you like, need help from people, possibly strangers, but the look in their eyes says "please don't ask me, I don't know you, please don't ask me, what are you trying to pull, don't talk to me" but at least the store manager was kind enough to attempt giving me a jump start. It didn't work though, so now I wait to hear the fate of my car and hope it's nothing serious but I'm expecting the worst, because it usually is.

But hey, I got a ride to work from my non-working co-worker, a ride to the shop to drop off the keys, and hey I might even fenagle a ride home (across frickin town) from some kind soul. So I'm thankful that some people out there will still help other people. But most likely, only if they know you.


quinn said...

fah-reaky similarities... 2 weeks ago my car wouldn't run on the way HOME from work. And I had just been talking about buying a new car. And I was lucky that the car died where it did (in the parking garage) instead of on the highway. And the security guard from the building was nice enough to try to give me a jump (to no avail). And all the worker bee bastards drove on by in their nice working cars to their nice houses that (probably) had beer, giving me nary a glance.

Do you think this is the beginning of a Great Car Uprising?

Beck said...

God, I hope not... I was just talking about how nice it is to not have a car payment and have two working vehicles.