Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not "Share Bear" Enabled

You know, I know work computers are well, for work and all and not actually a personal belonging. But when you work at the same one for so long and have everything set up the way you want it, it kinda feels like "yours." So, silly as it is - dontcha hate it when someone else uses your computer and you come back to find a bunch of stuff changed? What the crap is this? You were using this computer for a couple hours and found it necessary to put your own music program (what - itunes not good enough?) on here and install 2 frickin instant messengers? WTF? Perhaps I'm not as good about sharing as I thought, as my first reaction is to change all that's been tainted back to how I had it. Files buh-leted!


quinn said...

I'm don't play well with others, either. When I worked out of my boss's house, her son (despite having a computer in his room, and another computer in the media room) would use "my" computer for instant messaging, among other things. It would inspire such rage in me to enter my little work area every morning and see "SexyAmoeba" still logged on to AIM.

NeverEnough said...

Yeh that would irk me big time!!

KC said...

I don't like to share either. For the most part, no one here bothers my computer except when I go on vacation. Even then, they don't do too much damage. However, at home it's a different story. I do not allow my husband or son to touch my computer unless I am standing right next to them. They have their own comps, dammit. They don't need to use mine!

---- said...

Whoever did that to your comp. is so friggin' obnoxious. Installing IM programs? Come on -- that's just bad.

Reminds me of when I worked as a nighttime front desk person a few years ago -- I didn't touch the two comps., but boy, the daytime front desk ladies would get ticked if I effed around with their office chairs (i.e., made them higher) and didn't return them back to their default setting before I left. Sheesh!


Kate said...

I had a similar experience, except it was my OWN PERSONAL HOME COMPUTER. Sorry to yell, but stuff like this is just so damn annoying. This girl, who I've known since she was like 3, used my computer WITHOUT ASKING while I was gone. She downloaded a g-d IM app (without asking, of course). I tried to uninstall all of the Yahoo crap she put on there, but must have done something wrong because now every time I boot up my computer I get an error message because it can't find her stupid scheduler (that I deleted). The ironic thing is, her dad is VP of technology for a large company.

I know there are people starving and suffering all over the world and all, and my computer etiquette whinings are pitifully unimportant... but holy hell this whole thing annoyed the crap out of me like nobody's business!
< / complaining >

OK, I feel better now, thanks....

Anonymous said...

i lock my computer down at work to avoid such things. it is truly a pain in the ass when others muck with it.

though when someone else logs into AIM and leaves it open, it's fun to send naughty messages to their friends.

Anonymous said...

Care Bears always freaked me out.

...I couldn't understand why they were always so happy.

I mean, were they on DRUGS??

Rootietoot said...

Jess- yes, they were on drugs. Same drugs as Rainbo Brite and My LIttle Pony.

I keep my computer set up with incomprehensible passwords and prompts. If I leave it for more than 4 minutes it flips to the password screen.