Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well, it is creamy

Can I tell you something dirty and maybe even ironic? Well, just avert your eyes if you don't want to read anything crude.

So, years ago there was a girl aquaintance of mine who was very open about what she did or didn't like sexually. One thing she said that stuck out in my mind was how much she loved spooge in her mouth - I mean, she really loved it and was very descriptive about the taste of it. Now while I'm no prude, I tend to get a little squeemish at times when um, certain body things are compared to food. So she goes on to tell me about how this one guy tasted like clam chowder (that can't be right), and one guy tasted more sweet n' salty, but her favorite was the guy who tasted like an alfredo sauce. (Alfredo sauce?!) She was like "no really, if I could bottle that up and put it on my pasta..."

So you can imagine how ridiculously funny it was (well, to me) when a few years later I saw her and a date at Olive Garden (chain Italianish restaurant) and all I could think about was whether she had a craving for some fettucine alfredo or if she'd already tasted some that night. Ba dum dum tssht.


Will said...

I'd cover her eyes and squirt hot sauce in her mouth, that sounds even dirtier than I intended. Hot sauce, heh-heh. By the way, the best terrible term for it in my opinion is "ball gravy".

Nervous Girl said...

ooh dang... you nasty!

Mr. Husbland said...

Yeah, I'm not sure what's worse. Your post or will's comment!

Well, your post is hilarious & "ball gravy" is a new term to me.