Thursday, June 22, 2006

News anchor sandwich

I don't know if you all caught it last night, but none other than heartthrob Anderson Cooper was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! If you don't already know how I feel about these two, let me just say I'd like to be a part of that sandwich, har har har! No, Anderson - you're a piece of the bread, I get to be the bologna! Alright, alright we'll take turns.

I like it when AndCoo (do you think anyone calls him that?) laughs. I noticed this on the Colbert Report too (because honestly, I have little interest in the "real" news shows.) He gets even more squinty than usual and it's just aww, so cute. Now I think I'll take back the leash thing and just tickle him with a feather to watch him giggle and squirm. And okay, maybe tweak his nipples a bit. I mean, he'd be naked of course. I bet he smells good too.

And then there's your Jon Stewart. I've loved that man ever since The Jon Stewart show was on Fox (damn, I think that was like 10 years ago). So much that I don't know what I'd say to him, much less do to him. He must be a very, very busy man with a lot on his mind. Too busy for a blowjob, you think? Alright, then. We can see where this one's going...

But one more comment about last night's interview. As you may well know, AndCoo recently did his big interview with Angelina Jolie. He politely avoided talking about how "hot" she is, though Jon was giving him the opportunity. Hmm, there are a few ways people could look at this. 1) They could take that to mean that the rumors are true, he must be gay and in the closet. Or 2) He's too much of a gentleman and too shy to talk like that. Or my favorite, #3) Maybe he's just not into her and her buttlips after having to stare at them for hours. Bam! Yeah, I said it. I'm sorry, peeps - I can see why other people like her but she just doesn't do it for me.

And, I'm out.


KC said...

Oh, man, I can't believe I forgot to watch The Daily Show last night. Instead, I was watching Transamerica, which I really enjoyed. The night before I watech Breakfast on Pluto. I've got some kind of transgendered film fest going on at home. hmmmmm..

I'll see if Comedy Central is replaying last night's episode this evening. Gotta see Anderson and Jon together. Oh yes!

swirly girl said...

Watched it.

Did you know that Anderson Cooper-ites have a fansite? Something like "Gun Metal Grey" or something like that.

Other things I know about this hottie.

-Is Gloria Vanderbilt's son.
-His older brother commited suicide.
-Also did a couple of kick ass cool interviews with Conan O'Brien (and I feel about C.O. the way you feel about Mr. Stewart)
-Not Gay

Personally, I think Angelia's been hit by a bag of hot nickels. And the "hot" I mean is heat, not some "looks good on ya" factor.

Peggasus said...

Yes on all points! He was adorable! Jon, of course, always is. Except when he does that old-Jewish-comic voice thing. That bugs me.

I don't get the Angelina thing either. I think she's weird looking. Buttlips. Heh.

Beck said...

Hate her. LOVE ANDCOO! I'm gonna call him that from now on. And I so hope he isn't gay. But even if he is, he's my favorite gay guy.

swirly girl said...

Oh! I just looked at my Glamour mag and guess who they interviewed inside? That's right! Anderson Cooper. It's the July issue, with Uma Thurman on the cover.

Oceans said...

In agreement all the way! AndCoo, love him! Jon Stewart, always makes me laugh! Angelina Jolie, just flatout wierd looking! There's a pic of her and AndCoo in a recent mag, and I just wanted to yell at him to stay away from her!!