Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In Bloom

Look at my wet peonies

Anyone wanna throw out a guess on what these are? For now I will have to call them Mysterious Pink Towers of Fuzzybuds. Update: Dictamnus albus

And these... might be called baptisia, but I shall call them Purple Nurples, because that makes me giggle.

Clematis, or as I call it - ooh, pretty flowering climbing viney thing! Also has the honor of being my new profile pic ('bout time I had one again, eh?)

This bunner-bun sure likes hanging around us. Aww, I think I caught him or her in mid-chew. The bunny was only mildly interested in our attention but you know, bunnies will just do their bunny kind of things.


Peggasus said...

Pretty! I think the Purple Nurples may be Sweet Peas. They may also be edible. I would check, though, before I threw them on a salad, because I wouldn't want to be responsible for poisoning you from afar with bad and deadly advice.

You clematis is gorgeous. Mine are an old heirloom purple type, budding, but no blooms yet. Maybe next week.

---- said...

So pretty! Did you plant all those, or did they come with the house?

(And I'm a perv, 'cuz Clematis always makes me think of "clitoris"!)

Nervous Girl said...

Peg - Thanks! I did some further research and now I think the purple nurples are 'false indigo' from what I've seen (not nearly as fun of a name though.) I'm pretty sure I have sweet peas too though or maybe 'everlasting peas' - either way those are everywhere and haven't blossomed yet. I am so new to this (it's our first spring in this house and we're first time homeowners), if you're into gardening I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions to ask you!

PinkyG - Yeah, I can't really take much credit for the flowers (the previous owner was quite the gardener) since this was already here. It had gotten overgrown in the last year or two after the wife/gardener passed away, so all I've really done is pull out tons of dead foliage & weeds - stuff like that. It's just exciting to me to see what pretty things will pop up next. When I get a better knowledge of what stuff is, I'll be planting more (I'm just afraid that I'll kill or plant something where it shouldn't go!)
Heh heh, clematis/clitoris. Kinda like how perennial makes me think of perineum. (giggles)

HemisphereDancer said...

Perineum...ha...your taint.

No one's made a joke about your wet peonie??? I'm disappointed in you people...

Here's a good word for you to look up: Pannus

Scott said...

These are much better then my pics!!

Lovely Lisa said...

I think these pics are great!! I wish I had a green thumb...sooo pretty!!

Nervous Girl said...

HD - HA! Glad I can count on you to catch the innuendos and whatnot.

Ashman - Oh, shush now - you're a much better photographer!

Lisa - Thanks! :)