Monday, April 10, 2006

Uncharacteristically excited about the weather

Do you smell that April freshness? It's muhhfukkin spring, yo! (Yeah, that's right - just now it is. I know, it's a little late when you live up here.)

Which means:
- Temperatures occasionally above freezing!
- Allergies, complete with sneezing fits that go something like this: aauhh-chew, aauhh-chew-wee, aauhh-cha-heww! High pollen alerts!
- What do I wear???
- The office's blinds have been slightly adjusted for peepin the outdoors - ooh, hello sunny parking lot! Hi there, dilapidated house next door without window coverings, nice to see ya!
- Our (indoor) cat is meh-meh-ing to go outside - much snoofing to be done and grass to be eaten and horked up later!

- I don't know the first thing about gardening and there's flowers n' stuff growing outside - don't eat it, kitty!
- Taxes - while questionably accurate - are DONE!
- Mmmm, don't you look sexy out there grillin'!
- Commence the mating rituals! Snoo-snoo! Rumpy-pumpy! Hubba-hubba! Mrrrowwrr-mrroww!


Anonymous said...

Our cat is too sexy for us.

- J

---- said...

That cat looks like she fell from the second story!


Nervous Girl said...

Oh God, I hope people don't think I'm posting dead cat pics - she's just in mid-roll (like they like to do on pavement) - no cats were injured! :)