Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sucking In Reverse

You know how sometimes a stupid phrase you heard somewhere (that really has nothing to do with anything) just keeps popping up in your head?

I thought of this again the other night and of course, had to share it with you. One time when I was having my teeth cleaned and was quite old enough to know how the whole thing worked, the overly chipper dental hygenist gave me this little treasure to be forever stuck in my mind. She had that crazy little vacuum tube thing to put in my mouth and says:

"Do you like milkshakes?"
"Huaaghh" (I think I nodded or shrugged, as my mouth was full)
"Well see? This is just like a milkshake, but in reverse."

Oh yes, just like a milkshake. Only a gritty, minty, completely unenjoyable milkshake that's being sucked out of your mouth at a rapid speed. Yes, just like that. Thank you. Oh, you didn't want me to spew toothpaste everywhere? I thought blowing was sucking in reverse, you know.


The Big Cheese said...

Nope. Blowing for ladies, means licking the tip, and then trying to carry on a conversation about your mom, then getting pissed that we won't "finish" and that your jaw is getting sore. Atleast that is my experience with blowing.

Yossarian said...

blowing and sucking are both pretty cool.

Nervous Girl said...

TBC - that cracked me up, but I hope it's not true!

yossarian - yes indeed.