Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh, to be hepped up on goofballs

Whatever happened to Mini-Thins? You probably can't get them anymore, can you? I mean, because of the ephedrine and all. I remember that you had to be 18 (supposedly) to buy them, but I wonder what the cut off age is that says you're getting too old for this shit? Probably also 18. They were big amongst my group of friends in highschool, not that that's saying much. They'd make me feel like jumping around and skipping merrily, and like I could smoke way more than usual without the consequences (which I'm sure was the recommended idea for this "asthma treatment".) But you had to watch out because depending on how many you took, you could really crash hard afterwards. I suppose this was one of the more minor dumbass things I did at the time.


Anonymous said...

HA!!! Mini-Thins... They got me through many a night working till 3 or so in the morning and then going back to work at 8 in the morning. Out here there is this gas station that went out of business a couple of months ago and now where they are there are these big banners with "EPHEDRA IS BACK" but now marketed as a weight loss pill its kinda scary but its back so all of the teenagers can have the same fun we did when we were teens.


Blush said...

mini-thins! holy shit. thats a blast from the past.

im one of those that have crashed hard afterward. never again.