Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Body Rejects Nature

These little ailments sometimes make me feel like one big mess. Stupid allergies. It itches from my eyes to my nose to my ears. Yeah, I guess that's not very far but trust me, it's concentrated. You know what feels good? Scratching the roof of my mouth with my toothbrush. Repeatedly Q-tipping my ears. Rinsing my contacts. Pressing on either side of my nose or under my eyes to relieve the pressure. Oh so itchy. Oh so scratchy. Allergy medicine - what? Yeah, I guess my whole "building up immunity" idea isn't working.
I stepped down on the side of my right ankle while wearing these awful shoes a few days ago, it wasn't too bad though. But then the next day my right knee was stiff and hurting. And it was at the same time that the right side of my sinuses were stuffed up, so pretty much that half of my body was useless. Then my uterus starts acting up and you know - it's just downhill from there.

I've never really suffered from insomnia, but I do appreciate it when it doesn't take me long to fall asleep. I hate that feeling when you just can't get in the right position or can't get your thoughts to quiet down, and as the restless hours pass you just get frustrated to tears because you know you're gonna feel like shit in the morning. Sometimes I also have a problem if the person I'm sleeping with falls asleep first. I find myself listening to the rhythm of how they breathe, and I start breathing in time with them, only it doesn't feel right, but when I try to breathe normally it's like I forgot how to breathe on my own. And that right there, pretty much sucks.
I shouldn't jinx myself. I've gotta get to bed.


---- said...

I feel for ya, nervousgirl.

Hope you get a good solid night's sleep soon.


Nervous Girl said...

Thanks PinkyG, you're sweet!

The Big Cheese said...

I have to tell you that it bothers me that I enjoy your writing so much. I mean does it make me a pussy that I can identify with you so much...or such a wonderful man that deserves many, many handjobs?