Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste

Last night I had a dream that someone put a cigarette (a camel light to be specific) in my mouth and lit it. It felt so real. I nodded with gratitude, this way I could say it wasn't my own doing. But, I took a deep drag and it tasted bad (this has been happening more and more in my smoking dreams lately.) Thanks, conscience.

Speaking of dreams, last week I had some real disturbing ones. But this was on a day that I had taken a nap, which I don't do so much anymore - and it seems that I tend to have very odd dreams while napping. The kind that make it even more difficult to return to reality. I can't remember all of the details (wish I had written about it then) but it started out with some hot lesbian canoodling with most of the cast of The L Word, but then things took a horrible turn. It was like we were all playing this assassin game, only it turned out to not really be a game. This scary pro-wrestler dude (why the fuck was he there?) had drawn my name and came after me with this small rusty chainsaw, yelling to me that there was no point in running. The awful part, folks, is that when he caught up with me, I could actually feel the heat and the gnarly saw's teeth against my neck. He was going to cut my head off, and all I did was close my eyes and hope that it would be over soon. Really disturbing.

I swear, people. I hardly ever watch horror movies - in fact I tend to get not just disturbed but downright pissed at some of the previews for the shock horror movies that have come out lately. There's enough shit in real life or in dreams that scares the hell out of me, thank you.


Dave said...

We should swap stories of violent dreams...I promise I would win...
The most graphic one I've ever had, I was beating some guys face with a pipe, and with every hit, his face would split, until finally it looked similar to a hamburger, or dreams where you can hear the knife crunching against the bone, or the bullet you've been hit with feels real, to the point where you even hear the "thump" when it hits the skin.

Dave said...

Of course, with the recent story from Oklahoma, I don't think I'll post anything about them.

Nervous Girl said...

1. Alright Dave, you win.

2. Guhh, tell me about it. That (Oklahoma) story just makes me fucking sick. That's my problem I guess. Even though I don't watch horror, I do read the news.

The Reverend Dan said...

Interesting dream.

Speaking of bad dreams, some girl accused me of putting something between her lips when she was sleeping.

Keep an open jar of ether on your kitchen table and suddenly anyone can accuse you of anything.