Saturday, March 25, 2006

I have a coupon for that

Waiting in line
at the grocery store
I'm shy, so
I'm looking down and
I can't help
just staring
at their butts
you caught me


---- said...

Heh heh...I do that too.


Dave said...

The parts I like to stare at require them to face I end up staring at the floor. (Believe it or not, I'm a sucker for a pretty face, and am more likely to stare at one of those more so than a pair of boobs)

The Reverend Dan said...

I love airports. Just kidding, I hate airports. But I spend enough time in them that I'll do anything to avoid boredom.

In fact, my lattest game is to openly check women out while waiting in line.

The prettiest girls in the world are all flying this way or that. Who can blame them for wanting to be in a city where I'm not -- for jumping a flight to go far away from the dirty minister.

The game has become more fun for me lately. The only thing more enjoyable (when stuck in a long line) than checking out women and trying to imagine what their nipples might look like, is smiling politely at their boyfriends/spouses and proceeding with the inspection.

No one wants to make a fuss with the TSA. In fact, that acronym alone is just about all I think about before a long flight...

Dave can talk at length about cute faces. I'll be honest. I rarely get that far.

In fact, by the time I get around to looking at a woman's eyes or lips -- the eyebrows she plucks or the makeup she wears -- it's as though I'm just scanning through the rest of the resume. Not that the woman I've mentally undressed is interested in the job I might have in mind.

I consider this a harmless diversion. In an uncivilized place, I'm willing to lower my standards for amusement.

In fact, I've continued this pursuit in large part because women don't seem to notice. But their boyfriends do. And for whatever cowardly reason, that makes it seem all the more worthwhile.

Nervous Girl said...

pinkgoldfish - we're naughty! ;)

dave - aww, you're a gentleman. if I'm staring at their butt and they turn around I have to be careful that I'm not then staring at their crotch.

revdan - ha, the dirty minister. i love your elaborate comments. thank you for making me giggle.