Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Wanna Go Back

I shouldn't give myself a self-fulfilling prophecy like that, talking about how dumb I feel.
Because then this morning, I did something really really stupid and I feel really really awful about it. You ever wish you could just hit rewind and go back, even just 30 seconds?
The roads are slippery today. I thought I'd do something different. Instead of backing all the way down the driveway, I thought I could be slick and get the car turned around to avoid sliding backwards. Didn't quite go as planned! I fuckin got myself caught on the side of the garage. SHIT! Trying to get myself detached from it probably made it worse, and I could hear the pieces of plastic falling to the ground. Fuck fuck fuck. The hood is fine. The bumper is still on, just not attached on that side. The side light is hanging by it's cord, the grill popped right off and parts of it shattered. There's a nice line of paint along the front quarter panel and the wheel well plastic is hanging down. DAMNIT!
I managed to get inside the house before the hysterical sobs began, as I have a feeling the neighbors probably saw the whole thing and were wowed by my idiocy. ("C'mere honey, look - the neighbor girl can't get out of her driveway again!") I called my boyfriend and told him what happened and he came to my rescue. He's a good, good man for putting up with my hysterics and got me calmed down, shoved the light back in and didn't make me feel stupid. But I do feel stupid. I fucking hate driving anyway. I just suck in reverse, I'm too short to see very well behind me and haven't gotten the hang of backing out of the garage very well since we moved. I feel like such a fucking idiot. Don't laugh. This really sucks. But...
At least I still have full coverage on the car. BUT I still have a $500 deductible and you know, I don't have $500! Plus, if the total repair cost is over $1,000 my insurance will most likely go up. From what I know about body work nothing is under $1,000. Fuckin shit. But...
At least no one got hurt. I was able to drive to work. The roads still suck so this was not a good experience given that I already got myself all shook up. I almost slid into the curb on the same side that hit the garage, and then I almost got rear ended by someone who was following too close. Stopping and turning just doesn't work when it's slippery like this. But yeah, I know it could've been worse. I sure hope the roads clear up by the time I leave work.
I wish I could just go back and start this day over.


---- said...

Poor Nervousgirl! Don't worry about the money for now, just wait and see what happens. And like you said, the main thing is that no one was hurt!

I hope the rest of your day goes better...!


Wookiee Rage said...

Oh, that sucks in so many ways.

Good luck with the rest of your day.

megan said...

Winter driving is really hard. I hate it. I never understand how people can just drive normally in it. I'm really sorry all that crap happened. It's not your driving. Slippery roads are really scary and merciless.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those things where you have to say shit happens. It wasnt really your falt 100%. The best you can do is suck up what happen and drive on. Life doesnt end with one horrible day.


Nervous Girl said...

Ohhh, you all have such kind words. Thanks for helping me feel better about this whole stupid situation.

Will said...

I've done the same thing to my car. I know you want to kick yourself today but it will pass.

Now, just hope someone wealthy hits you in the same spot and offers to pay for the repair.

Anonymous said...

lol i got a horrble story about my car. Im an expert driver in the army (yes they have such a thing) I was driveing my car to work one day and I went to switch out my CD (henry rollins spoken word) and then BAM this expert driver is head first into a bunch of trees and takes out thewhole front part of his car. Half the engine and all.


Nervous Girl said...

Will - thanks for coming by! Yeah, I think I already used up my "get hit by someone wealthy" ticket a few years ago. Another story, but I got $1,000 from him by not reporting the accident. I didn't have insurance anyway (I was young, stupid and poor) at the time so I totally made out on that deal!

Ray - that's a great story! Well, I mean I'm sure that it totally sucked at the time but I find it funny that you pointed out the Rollins. I can understand how that could get you all pumped up!
"Why did the chicken cross the road? Because I shot it! Yeah!" (That's the only Rollins line I can remember right now, but it's kind of fitting) :)

Anonymous said...

I found the story funny myself. To tell the truth for a time I couldnt tell anyone what really happen but my best friend (yes I have one of those)The fake story was that I all most hit a deer. Two years later I did tell the true story. It all so didnt help that I seen Rollins the weekend before I went to Iraq. My friend- "dont you think this is bad luck for you to be here"