Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why must I chase the cat?

Since we've moved in, our poor kitty has had a number of problems. At first, she seemed to adjust really well to the move. But I know it's always stressful for pets when there's a change to their environment. I thought, if anything, she'd be much better off here. We used to smoke in our little apartment, and now we have more room and don't smoke (well, I go outside) so I thought that would definitely be good for our cat. But she's lost her voice! Her mews and mehs just sound whispery now. I'm thinking part of it may be how dry it is from running the furnace or the fact that she hasn't horked up a hairball in quite some time, maybe it's lodged in there. She sounds like she needs to clear her throat. Then one of her ears was bugging her enough that she scratched it up really bad. Then she had a couple "accidents" so we took her to the vet. Poor kitty had an ear infection and a bladder infection. He didn't know about the lost voice or cough, other than suggesting x-rays. So, lemme tell ya - giving a cat 2 kinds of medicine is loads of fun! The antibiotic was banana flavored, which maybe is more enjoyable for a dog but was not appreciated by our cat, who made every effort to spit it out. Then the ear medicine. I can't blame her. Eardrops are bad enough, but greasy eardrops that have to be refridgerated must feel absoulutely disgusting. We're finished with the meds now and lately she's seemed like her normal self, other than the lost voice. She's playful, still trots and gallops from room to room, has a normal appetite, etc. She's got quite a bit of energy for being probably around 12 years old. So, I don't want to be a bad parent, but I really don't want to take her back to the vet for a bunch of tests either!


Webmiztris said...

my cat does that sometimes - she'll try to meow, but hardly a sound will come out. then of course, I'll think something is wrong. then later? she's back to meowing normally's odd.

---- said...

Poor kitty! I'm glad she's feeling better now, though (other than the voice -- has that cleared up yet?).

Kitties can totally freak ya out, though, I know -- my cat is 12, too, and not too long ago I thought I felt this horrible tumor-like bulge on her stomach. I freaked out, thinking she had cancer or something . . . turns out, she had a hernia. The vet said she probably just landed weird/twisted when she jumped off something. They fixed it (surgery -- scary!), and she bounced back like nothing was ever wrong.

Such a resilient little beast!