Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nervous much?

For a blog being called "Nervous Thoughts", I'm not sure how much I've actually written about being nervous. But I'd rather not change the title to "Thoughts of General Malaise" or something like that, although... hmm, I think I'll keep that one on the back burner.

So, what happens to you when you get nervous? For me, it can be any combination of these symptoms:

  • butterflies, or in more severe cases, badgers fighting in my stomach
  • clenching or chattering teeth
  • frequent need to use the bathroom
  • inability to eat, or eating too quickly
  • shaky hands
  • sweaty palms
  • throbbing feeling in my head, tingly feeling in arms (raised blood pressure)
  • being extremely quiet, or speaking too quickly to be coherent
  • getting jumpy and skittish
  • running my hands through my hair, pulling on my hair
Another one is how I walk while nervous. I'm way too conscious of it, therefore I imagine it can look quite unnatural, like I'm teaching myself to walk with unfamiliar body parts. Like I've suddenly got plastic Barbie legs. I don't know what they have now, but back when I was playing with Barbies, I think they either had the hollow plastic legs or the rubbery bendable kind. It was supposed to be cool to be able to bend Barbie's knees, but you'd sometimes bend them too far or your brother would bend them backwards, which would cause her to pop her kneecap and rip the "skin" open. Poor Barbie. First that haircut and then a permanent disability on top of it. Plus, she couldn't afford the pink Barbie Corvette and got laughed at for her yellow Camaro knock-off. Yeah, she had a tough life...

Anyways, I'm growing more nervous as we get closer to the closing on our house (tomorrow). It doesn't take much for me to get nervous, but in this case I think it's natural - it's a pretty big thing after all! At least part of it is just being anxiously excited more than being scaredy-pants nervous. Woo hoo!


SweetSarahJ said...

Hi there. We've all been nervous, anxious, depressed. My body knows when I am anxious before my mind does- my stomach ties itself into a knot and I want to barf. Usually I try to put it all into perspective by realizing that there are some thing I cannot change, knowing I always do my best and that's good enough, and also I try to realize that there are lots of people with worse circumstances than mine. And I always try to find a bright side.
I hope you can find a bright side too!

sweetpotato976 said...

Eek! The "closing of the house" -- it sounds so grown-up!!!

I bet that once you've finally moved and settled, being in your own home will make all these "nervous thoughts" worth it!



Dirk the Feeble said...

I fart when I get nervous.

Oh, wait, anybody can read the comments, huh?

Grafs said...

I clench my jaw when I get nervous. Good luck with your closing! It will be great.

Yossarian said...

scarecrows make me nervous. when im nervous i masturbate.

Beck said...

I chew on the sides of my fingernails (not the nail, but the skin). I clench my teeth. I get sweaty. I feel like all the blood is rushing from my face but my face is red. I get dry heaves. I give myself an asthma attack.

Closing on a house IS a big thing. How exciting! A HOMEOWNER! WOO!

Anonymous said...


- J

Webmiztris said...

I don't get nervous too much, but when I get REALLY nervous (for example, right before I had my belly button pierced and before my first gyno exam ever), I got so nervous I passed out... cool, huh?

HemisphereDancer said...

Congrats on the house!

May all who enter its doors add to it's warmth and build years of happy memories.

Plus, now you get to DO IT in all new places!