Monday, November 07, 2005

Homos! Err, I mean homeowners

It was a long and busy weekend of moving and cleaning. I'm a little tired and bruised, but other than that I'm feeling good.
I feel rejuvenated. I was juvenated before, lost it... and then got juvenated again. Rejuvenated!*
So now I have the motivation, I just need more money. Yeah, I know - who doesn't? I don't expect us to have top of the line things**, at least not right away, but there's so much I want to buy for the home. I'm thinking now about stuff that I never cared about before: decorating, painting, yardwork, gardening, snow removal, etc. So many things to consider, but on a budget that can't be stretched too far.
On another note, I find myself a bit depressed when I see the holiday displays and hear the Christmas music in the stores lately. Something about a time that is supposed to be so happy seems awfully stressful. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. It's difficult when the family is spread out, and no matter what - someone always seems disappointed. Really what I would like is to stay at home. I really don't like to travel, especially when the weather is shitty. Plus it's the first Christmas in our new home! While I'd like to just skip the season altogether, some bartering, arguing and crying is probably inevitable. Maybe for once it won't be that way, but every year there seems to be a big argument between my mom and I, and the whole thing sucks. Even when it's "your decision" really the only "right" decision is to do what your family wants to do, or else you're a selfish little brat. Ughhh, why am I getting into all this now? What a downer.
Well, I look forward to checking in on your blogs and will write and comment when I can. It just might take a little longer til we're all settled, have the computer set up and all that stuff.

* modified quote from Pootie Tang

**but we did get a fancy shmancy new TV!


Anonymous said...

christmas= me wantee day. In case you did not know I have always not liked the holiday season. Just thought I would share. Yes I am a Scrooge. Congrats on the house by the way.


Nervous Girl said...

Thanks BER, are you still planning on moving back?

Webmiztris said...

I don't like the Christmas season at all, but it's just because I'm anti-social and it means I'll have to visit a lot of relatives whether I like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am still planning on moving back... why you got a spare room/ porch/ piece of grass on your side lawn that you want to share. Just kidding about the room/ porch etc.


Jennifer said...

I totally understand your Christmas spirit. I live in France for the moment and didn't even come home last Christmas. This Christmas I will be back in Chicago to see my family, but my cousin is dying of breast cancer and brain tumors - yeah.... I mean no matter what, somehow Christmas is a bummer. On top of it, my boyfriend who hasn't even met my father won't be able to make it (we have only be dating 2 years!). Sometimes I feel like we should just forget about Christmas and invent another holiday!

That's just me, by the way, i like your blog!