Wednesday, October 26, 2005

more f****d up dreams

Let's recap the dreams I've had lately, shall we?

A few nights ago, I was dreaming about the new house. Everything worked out and we were settling in nicely. Then I went to take a shower, turned the water on and got in, and all of a sudden noticed that there was a section above the shower where the paint was peeled back and there was a hole in the wall. These nasty fucking earwigs (if you don't have them where you live, be grateful) started creeping out of there like I had awakened them. I got out of the shower to get some bug spray, but when I came back, they were literally hundreds of them pouring down the wall. It was fucking gross and disturbing. I woke up at that point.

I also had a dream recently about this girl I used to know. (No, this one isn't sexual, because in real life I really don't like her anymore). My boyfriend told me he had talked to her ex boyfriend recently and forgot to tell me that she had committed suicide. I was surprised because no one I've met boasts about themself as much as she does and because she's a mother of a young child. What could've happened to her life? Her ex boyfriend didn't seem too surprised by it though, like it was something that everyone expected. It was fucked up. I was trying to find an explanation, but no one would come out and tell me, and it was too late anyway. Really depressing.

Just a warning, this next one gets a little graphic.... but we're all adults here, right?

The other dream I had was quite a bit more pleasant, or at least interesting, although strange. I was at some sort of nightclub with a lot of gold-ish decor. There was loud music playing, people dancing, and everyone was having a good time. Dancers were on the stage, grinding slowly to the music. I was getting drunk and felt sexy and powerful. I looked down and I was wearing a sheer black floor-length robe, heels and thigh high stockings attached to a garter belt. I don't remember what else, if anything, I had on. I settled into a chaise lounge type of chair and adjusted my stockings, slowly running my hands up my legs and letting my long dark hair fall into my face. My boyfriend and his coworkers wandered over, drinks in hand and visibly buzzed. He sat down next to me and we started making out, getting touchy feely and not caring who was watching. Our breath quickened and things became more heated. Without hesitating, I unzipped his trousers and found him hard as a rock against my hand. People around us were wooping it up, and we were putting on a show for them. All my inhibitions were gone, so I pushed him back onto the lounge chair and kneeled over him, sucking his cock while on all fours with my ass raised in the air. My lips and tongue worked around his shaft and I tried taking him as deep as I could, showing off for the crowd. He wasn't embarrassed, and sort of laughed, saying "See? I told you she was good." I lifted my head up for a moment and noticed that his boss was standing right next to us and was pulling on his own stiffened cock. It didn't bother us, and I smiled mischieviously, raising up on my knees to his level. I pulled him towards me by his belt, his erection poking out of the fly of his pants. With one quick movement, I had his entire cock in my mouth while I was being spanked by my boyfriend. I began alternating between the two until I was dizzy. It wasn't degrading, it was more a sense of confidence with being the center of attention. As you can imagine, it made for a sticky situation. (heheh)

I said they were fucked up dreams!


Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

please blog more of ur dreams
man u got me hard

The Reverend Dan said...

I would trade my entire ministry -- vestments, Universal Life Church ID card, emergency candles, four bottles of two-buck chuck cab -- to be your husband's boss in the dream.

The Reverend Dan said...

That is, unless my penis were somehow transformed in earwigs when you awakened it and then you were furiously soaking my crotch with bug spray and then you tell me I'm too vain and murder me and set it up to look like I committed suicide.

Dirk the Feeble said...

I think you should send that last one to the boyfriend's boss, maybe your guy will get a raise out of it. So to speak.

The Phoenix said...

earwigs, suicide, and three somes...maybe you should layoff eating right before bed.

Nervous Girl said...

pseudo - um, thank u

rev dan - I'm flattered by the first comment and cracking up over the second one.

armaedes - Ha! I'm going to be so embarrassed at the next company gathering

phoenix - yeah, but then what fun would that be? At least they weren't all in the same night!

Grafs said...

house dream - your fears

girl dream - how she really feels about herself in spite of her front

sex dream - right on!

I am a 5 cent dream analyzer...

Nervous Girl said...

grafs - you kick ass :)