Sunday, October 02, 2005

"Get a leg up on the pile"

We've outgrown this place. Almost every day there's a reminder that we don't belong here, and it's just getting worse and worse. I'm hoping a change of scenery will also improve my general mood and way of life. I can't get my hopes up too much and jinx it, but it would be amazing if we ended up in a HOUSE in the very near future. I'm just imagining the things we'd say to each other, that you just don't hear until you're a homeowner, like:

"I think it's in the garage"
"I'll just do this load of laundry while we're waiting"
"I'm down here, in the basement!"
"Sure, you can stay with us, we've got room at our house"
"How are we gonna make our fucking mortgage payment this month?"

You know, stuff like that. Would we become like the people we work with, who look forward to the weekends solely to complete a DIY project? Would we say stuff like "equity" and "interest rates" and "Home Depot"? Eeeek! We'd almost sound like grown ups!

Check out this reference to mortgages on!


Chicken Little said...

I became a first-time homeowner about a year ago. I still have a ton of stuff to buy. Like now, I really need a ladder, the special kind that fits on stairs. And a lawnmower. And some other stuff. Seems like every week, I have to buy stuff for the house.

On the plus side, we can say things like, "just put that in the shed and we'll deal with it later".

SayUnderpants said...

Imagine all the stuff you'll get to do! Take this example from what happened to me on Saturday:

Sit in computer room. Suddenly hear a rhythmic, continuous drip onto brand new carpet. Look up at ceiling and notice that it's leaking for NO REASON - it hasn't rained for days. Realize that roofing professionals must be called. Wonder how one goes about finding reputable roofing professionals. Prepare to write yet another check from the homeowners line of credit. Realize that having a homeowners line of credit is a lifesaver and absolute necessity if you live in a dwelling that is more than 5 years old. Ponder the idea of simply living in a tent instead...

SD27 said...

Off-topic: Jim (from It's Jim) has come back briefly to post his reasons for leaving the blog community. I loved his blog and thought he was quite funny so I am not sure who was bothering him. Anyway if you go to his blog you can read all about it.

SD27 said...

More Off-topic: It looks like my last message was wrong. It's Jim is now totally gone.(There is something else there now) However, this morning it was updated. He basically said that people were saying he wasn't funny and he was getting crap for comments he left on other blogs.

gaijin said...

i'm trying to do the opposite - i live in a small house (a rental) in the suburbs, and want to move into a downtown loft. i WANT to drop off my laundry and pick it up ironed and crisp, damn it!