Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dreams that were almost cool, I guess

*I don't want you reading this if you know me in real life, or if you're easily offended by slightly suggestive material, but they're just fuckin dreams, people. It's really nothing, so please don't hold it against me.*

Granted, I've been pretty fucked up this weekend. And granted, things are changing in my life right now and there's a lot on my mind.
But the dreams I've been having lately - what the fuck? The other night, I had a dream that I was on the run with 2 women. One of them I loved, and the other one loved me, but everybody didn't love everybody else. We stole this big truck and went to some factory and pretended we worked there so we could steal some shit. I grabbed 2 cartons of cigarettes, a big box full of different Kellogg's cereals and a big jar of pickles. What that's all about, I have no idea. But as we were on our way out, we got caught and it really sucked so my mind kinda stepped in and said "this dream is stupid. I'm ending it now." So really, it wasn't that cool.
Then last night, I had this dream that I was driving around somewhere I didn't know. There were a bazillion different lakes in this town, and it was very quiet there. I went into this grocery store and ended up being held hostage there for a few hours. It wasn't so bad. To pass the time, I went to the hosiery aisle and tried on all the different thigh highs and stockings and modeled them for the other people who were stuck there. Then I just left and it was no big deal. I drove around this strange town for a while and then stopped at some weird old place with a windmill. This girl I used to know was there, I haven't seen her since it was popular to have huge bangs and use tons of hairspray. Our moms were friends and we used to play together. We used to tell each other our secrets and talk about the boys we liked. I asked her if she was still as boy-crazy as ever, and she told me no, that she had decided that she really knew all along that she was a lesbian. And that it was difficult and lonely for her, living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. And I was all comforting as I half-hugged her from the side. My head sort of rested on her shoulder and she smelled so nice and sweet. Before I knew it, my lips had attached themselves to her soft, warm neck and my hands were in her hair. Her mouth was small, soft and shiny with pink lipgloss and I lightly bit her lower lip as we kissed. But that's as far as it went, and then I felt bad and apologized. I was giving her my cell number and again, my brain stepped in and was like "ehh, that's it, time to wake up" and I did, confused....


Grafs said...

Nice dream (the last one, except for the lame part). Maybe you're right about the phases of the moon!

Nervous Girl said...

hee hee, thanks grafs! ;)

Lovely Lisa said...

My dreams get really weird, too!
I have a feeling a lot of guys are gonna totally dig the kissing scene in that dream...i guarantee it!

sweetpotato976 said...

"...I haven't seen her since it was popular to have huge bangs and use tons of hairspray..."

LOL, oh Jess, maybe the dreams were dorky as hell, but your descriptions certainly made me laugh!

And all your dreams seem to have a theme of either A) being trapped, or B) being unsure of your decisions. Muy interesante, no?


sweetpotato976 said...

PS - Sorry I keep typing "Jess" instead of "Jessica" -- I keep doing that w/out thinking. (I think it's cuz I used to have a student named Jessica that everyone called Jess. Maybe that's it.) Anyway, totally random, but I didn't want you to think I was trying to be all cool, like "Hey Jess," as if I knew you all personally or something (it seems like what a bf would call his girlfiend).

Oh well. I'm type-babbling now. Anyway -- sorry!

Nervous Girl said...

Ha ha, you're too funny, sweetpotato! Don't worry about it, that's fine - you can call me Jess or Jessica or whatever, just not Jessie! :)