Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Say A Prayer for Texas"

I'll be thinking of those of my southern blogger friends, especially Blush and Dave. You're some wonderful folks and I hope you're all somewhere safe. If SayUnderpants isn't back from her cruise, I hope she's made it safely away from the danger.

You know I worry - it's my thing.

I love you people!


Dave said...

I'm alive, but I was without power for a while. Dwight is safe (he lives in Cali). I have to say, being my first hurricane, it was quite harrowing. Even though the winds in my area were gusting at a mere 65-75 MPH, it was still a little weird to feel your house shake, for 6 fucking hours. Anyway, all of my family and I are alright, and no major damage to our property was sustained. Thanks for caring:)

Blush said...

we're alright too. i am in lufkin, which is in the pineywoods, and there are trees down everywhere. none in our yard though, we were lucky. the only real damage we had was that part of our fence blew over and lots of shingles got blown off the roof. there was all kinds of leafy debris all over everything. thank god for insurance though. and thanks for your concern :)

Nervous Girl said...

Yay, so glad to hear from you two! Thanks for letting me know you're okay - glad you have your power back and that the damage wasn't too bad. :-)