Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The rain and the brain

Does anyone else get the sinus pressure headaches, especially when it rains? Barometric pressure and whatnot. Yesterday, the whole right side of my head hurt and was stuffed up, and now it's aching and stuffy on the left side.
So, a sort of related story. I was reading about a claim today in which the doctor made an incision in the right side of the patient's brain before he realized it was supposed to be the left side. I can just picture the surgeon in the operating room, though. "Now when you say left side, do you mean my left or his left?"


Lovely Lisa said...

I always think of that--what if they remove the appendage on THEIR left, instead of my, are we normal for thinking that, or are we more messed up than we thought??
But, we always hear about that happening, random stories of a doctor amputating the wrong.

Sorry about your sinus mom has the same problem. I feel for ya!

Jim said...

hot steamy shower helps, close the door and really steam it up -- don't use sinus pills, they will just clog you up more, buy an expertorant, you used to have to get it in cough syrup but it is now in pill form at any drung store -- that's what I do and I used to live on pain pills I had headaches so bad

Anonymous said...

I can pretty much tell you the weather before I get out of bed because of my sinuses. Ugh.

Love your blog. You totally made me laugh.

Nervous Girl said...

Yes Lisa, I think it happens more than we want to know!

Thanks for the advice, Dr. Jim!

and thanks for coming by, Dee. :-)