Monday, September 19, 2005

My 100th post = ehh, same old stuff...

Alright. Here's a recap of the blog so far, in case you're new around here and didn't catch season one of Nervous Thoughts. I went back and reviewed my archives to give you an example of the types of posts on this blog:

  • 21% personal stories/memories/dreams
  • 19% pictures
  • 16% attempts at humor
  • 14% nonsense
  • 13% observations
  • 8% depressed stuff
  • 8% work stories

Yep, I nerded out like that. But I'm not making a pie chart.

Here's something cute to look at, though - the red panda! It's about time to start working in some of these zoo pictures from 2 years ago.


Yossarian said...

make the fucking pie chart or pay the dire consequences. dire indeed.

Nervous Girl said...

Aww shit.

Dave said...

And put it into a powerpoint presentation.

Jim said...

you don't need the "attempts at"

Nervous Girl said...

that's nice of you Jim!

Dave - you've uncovered one of my awful secrets - I've never done a powerpoint presentation! I'm so ashamed... especially when my coworker told me her 12 year old daughter knows how. :(

Lovely Lisa said...

many more posts...maybe i'll make the pie chart for you...or a pie...that sounds like more

DJ said...

Red pandas rule. If it weren't for them, we'd have no pandas in the future. The other ones are going away quickly.