Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Two glass eyes

Today I was all like "heyyyy, I like that shirrrrt"
And he was all "yeah? aw, well it's good for going out in, but not good for work - glad I don't have to see any clients today"
And I was all "naw, it's cool, it's cool"
and he was all shaking his head
Then a couple hours later, I'm all "no really, I really like that shirt, man" and proceed to stare at the chest hair that is peeking out the top and he probably sees me staring cause I think I'm less obvious than I am
But is chest hair like something you're supposed to politely avert your eyes from?
Then I thought about what he must think of how I dress for work if he considered himself dressed down.
And then I felt bad.

And.... this story isn't even related to how this morning I thought I had a detached retina!
Crazy stuff.
Bad, bad eyes.


Jessica said...

Just stumbled upon your blog...very funny!

Dave said...

Let me tell you about detached retinas...they suck. If you are losing your peripheral vision, and see streaks of light around the area where its going away, you need to see a doctor. If this doesn't fit the symptoms, tell me so I can tell you my horror stories about the surgeries.

Nervous Girl said...

Oh, goodness Dave - I'm afraid to hear these stories. I think I'm okay, but I should go to the eyedoctor quite soon anyway cause my eyes and contacts are pretty fucked up. I don't want to go blind!