Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The little things mean a lot

Check it.
I always seem to be missing the boat. I discover something that I think is cool, long after it's either been played out or is already gone. That totally sucks. Take the Ali G show for instance, is it over for good? Is everyone else sick of it? They don't even rerun it on HBO anymore. It was some funny shit, people! What about Dr. Katz on Comedy Central? Alright, well I watched that while it was actually being aired, but still it sucks that it's gone.

Going back even further, I became intrigued with the freakiness of Twin Peaks about 10 years too late and had to watch all the episodes on shitty VHS tapes that the guy at the video store was nice enough to loan me from his personal collection. Everyone else already knew the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer. Damn! Where was I? Oh yeah, probably wasn't allowed to watch it yet. That's probably a good thing. It tripped me out enough in later years.

Coming in too late in the game also applies to the blogging world. There have been quite a few blogs that I've discovered but haven't bothered linking to, because these people haven't written since 2004. Maybe we could've been friends. It's always the people that I had something in common with that disappear. Maybe they would've been the whip-shit, but it's too late now. That makes me sad. But like, I think it's one of these days where everything makes me sad. I get the feeling people don't like it when I write about being sad. But I never know what posts are going to go over well. I forgot that I was supposed to just write in here like it was my diary. I forgot that I don't need to censor myself. You bloggers and blog-lurkers mean too much to me. I just can't imagine what you think, so I gotta stop worrying about it. You brighten my day and I wish I could give more back to you. I want to know you better, but not in the creepy stalker kind of way. And sometimes I think that's how I come across but really, I mean well. Sometimes I just can't find the right words.


HemisphereDancer said...

I've always enjoyed what you've had to say...good and bad.

It's life man, and nothing can be more real than that.

As a personal favor, just stop watching the Americanized version of The Office and go out and get the 3 seasons of the BBC version with Ricky Gervais...the American version is pig slop!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to every post. I may be biased but you've always had a great sense of humor and a talent for writing. Keep it going as long as it makes you happy. If it ever becomes a chore, fuck it.

You're wonderful and I love you!

- Justin

Nervous Girl said...

hemispheredancer - you're very kind and understanding as always. Respect!
I will take your suggestion on the original Office on BBC - I'm sure it'd be right up my alley. But I love Steve Carell too!

Justin - You're sweet, even though you are biased...thanks for hanging in there.

Yossarian said...

WHo the fuck is laura palmer? I never watched that show because i was like 4. dr katz=funny. Ali G=the UNFUNNIEST SHIT EVER