Thursday, July 28, 2005

20 random quirks

Some stuff that you may not know about me, didn't want to know, or were afraid to ask...

  1. I have a thing for sideburns. (On a man, and within reason)
  2. I don't like feet. In general.
  3. I'm really short. (5'2")
  4. I went through the following music phases: techno; rap; grunge; industrial; punk; pop; classic rock; ambient, etc. Now I just listen to what I like, no matter what category it's in.
  5. My first real job was at a used CD store.
  6. I still have raging hormones. This can be good and bad.
  7. I'm a bargain shopper.
  8. I am not as "domestic" as I'd like to be.
  9. My ass is on the internet.
  10. I enjoy reading sexy stories. Not the typical romance novels that your mom reads, though.
  11. Years ago, I had a very bad mushroom trip.
  12. Dogs and kids seem to like me, but I've never had either.
  13. I have no tatooes or piercings (other than standard ear piercing).
  14. I have an acute sense of smell. Sometimes I wish I didn't.
  15. I'm somewhat of a homebody (this is probably obvious).
  16. I try to color-coordinate my undergarments with my clothing each day.
  17. I find both men and women attractive.
  18. I develop crushes on people easily.
  19. I used to love to sing and dance.
  20. I have a hard time making decisions.


HemisphereDancer said...

If you have a hard time making must be a pain in the ass to match your underwear AND clothing...standing at the closet for hours...Damnit! where's my plaid bra???

Nervous Girl said...

Yeah, seriously. I take WAY too long to get ready in the morning. "Oh, I can't wear this, it would clash with my panties" and so on.

Anonymous said...

..Then she askes me what she should wear and gives me the look like "You are the most ignorant human being I have ever met." no matter what I suggest. The frustrating thing is that she looks good in everything, wether she'll admit it or not.

- Justin

Nervous Girl said...

I do not (look good in everything)! You're just humoring me! :-) But I appreciate it.

Jim said...

are there consequences if your undergarments are not color-coordinated?

Johnny_Dev said...
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Johnny_Dev said...

Ummm how bout a link to that ass picture?

Pretty please?