Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Let's get personal

This morning, I came across this site which I found quite amusing and had to share with Justin. An hour later, he sends me this email:

Hay Bayby,

Ur so HOT.Ur smokn. I wnt 2 rub ur bod allova 2nite.Pls right me bak cuz it wood be 2 kool!!!!11111! whut Abut me? I lik 2 git bizzy adn danse 4evar! I lik wamen whoe ar EZ, jst keddin!!! Whut ar ur entrists?? I has twokids adna dog. I lick my dog allot! Hes vary frenly and duznt smeal bad like my kids!


I luv U vary muche! Du u luv 2 play mouthorgan!1?!?

I'm a sucker for a guy who can appreciate grammatical humor.

It's worth checking out whether you've had online dating experience or not. Most of what scares me is how incoherent these personal profiles are!

Please, take a moment and tell me your inermoist fillings.


SayUnderpants said...

Damn, that's funny...

HemisphereDancer said...

I saw one for Chris Burke:

I won a fuk Bekka.

Yooo alway git to dive, but i get a fuk yoo in cah.

I wanna slobba on ya tidies.

Da Cork

Nervous Girl said...

I'm a little slow, HD - I had to look up Chris Burke. Derrrp on my part!