Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Halfway there

Yeah, that's right. I'm back to work and I'm just so healthy I can't stand it. That's why I just went to the gas station for lunch. I got a diet Sprite, a "snack size" turkey sandwich and a pack of Camel Lights. Wow, I know. But at least it wasn't the usual burger or HotPocket. Everyone gives me shit for liking the HotPockets. What? Meat, cheese, occasionally a vegetable, all in a crispy flaky crust? How can you go wrong? Well okay, you could get the philly steak & cheese or the pizza kind - my least favorite selections. My boss called them my PalmPockets once, and I had to give him shit for that.
If I could just maybe change one of my bad habits maybe I would be a better person. Like eating crap wouldn't be so bad if I drank lots of water. Or didn't smoke. But for now... well I guess I'm just not too good at depriving myself of things.

Anyways, as I was out I saw one of those personalized license plates that doesn't fit the vehicle. It said BONJOVI but was on what looked like a somewhat new and shiny beige Dodge Grand Caravan. I guess it "doesn't make a difference if we make it or not," but if we do we're getting that license plate we've always wanted!

This family knows how to rock!

But here's a license plate that really goes with the car/owner. I've seen this around town several times, but haven't gotten a glimpse of the owner. It's a nice shiny Lexus SUV of some sort, I'm assuming it's brand new or just stays meticulously clean and has tinted windows. It was parked, so fittingly, in front of the "aesthetic surgery" office. The license plate?


Too perfect.


SayUnderpants said...

Do you suppose they go to Bon Jovi shows and hold up that license plate, just like in the video?

Nervous Girl said...

Aww yeah.

Well, that is if Jon Bon Jovi isn't too busy with his acting career to tour, I don't know.

HemisphereDancer said...

That kid looks like a Fraggle!

Jim said...

what would a bad hair day be like