Friday, July 22, 2005

Back up offa me

Work (and other shit) has seriously interfered with my (blogging) activities today. I guess I'd just rather be surfin the blog world than face the reality of my life right now. Not that it matters. Yeah, I know that sounds unhealthy. Shut up!

The boss going on vacation should always be a good thing, not a "thanks a lot for leaving me with all this shit you didn't explain but will be pissed if it doesn't get done" kind of thing. Eh, but that's how it goes. I'll manage to kick ass while he's gone. Hopefully.

Oh, and the pressure from my family. That helps! I love them, I really do. I just can't deal with the guilt trips right now. If I didn't care, it wouldn't work on me. But damnit, I'm a grown woman! I forget that at times.

Wonderful. It's Friday, it's beautiful out - and now I have a headache and feel the vomit rising to my throat. Lovely way to start a weekend.

"Show 'em your mean face"

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