Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holy frijoles

Oh man, if I actually wrote as much as I thought about writing... well, I would've written some damn things by now, wouldn't I?

There certainly has been no shortage in the nervousness department or the uh, thinking department. The doing? Well, not so much. But I'm working on it.

The really good news is that J and I are going to Spain. We'll be in a lovely little town in the Costa del Sol for a little over a week, and then in Madrid for a couple of days before we fly back home. The bad... well, not really bad but the extreme worries are:
  • Holy shit, we leave in a week! Not ready! 
  • I have only flown once in my life, and that was just under 20 years ago.
  • I'm trying to refresh myself on as much Spanish as I can, which I think will be helpful even though there will most likely be a lot of English-speaking people there. But still, I'm worried that I will make an ass out of myself, get lost, accidentally order us 100 euros worth of pig ears, reinforce the "typical American" stereotype? I don't know, etc. 
  • What frickin shoes do I bring? And my clothes? I hate almost everything I own. 
  • Will our cats be okay? (Well, I mean - we're not leaving them to fend for themselves, but they will have a lot more alone time between check-ins.)
  •  What if we miss a flight? What if TSA takes my nervous/awkwardness as trying to hide something? What if, what if, what if? 
Then again, what if... this ends up being a big ol' facing of a whole bunch of fears that in the end, gives me a boost in confidence? I'm certainly not saying this isn't an awesome opportunity - the odds are stacked towards having a great time. I'm just a mix of excited and terrified! Iieeeee!


      Fluffycat said...

      You'll be fine. One thing at a time. But I can recommend getting shoes and clothes that you feel comfortable walking in. And layers.

      I know my cats miss me when I am gone (and usually spend the first twenty-four hours I'm back glued to my side) but they also sleep 18 hours a day, so in cat-brains, you aren't gone as long as it would seem to a human.

      Nervous said...

      Thanks Fluffycat. Good points, all of them!

      Peggasus said...

      Whoa, sounds wonderful! Relax, once this is under your belt you won't be so anxious next time...and there WILL BE a next time. Buen Viage!

      Nervous said...

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, Peg - good to hear from you!