Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pitter Patter

Well, then. That doctor's appointment I was all nervous about last week turned out just fine, no big woop. But you know, I worry. I'm glad that I held out to be scheduled with the doctor who is so kind and relaxed - no wonder she's always booked up.

The kitties are doing well, it's just a bit of an adjustment period for all of us right now. Tiger (he'll have a real name soon!) and Gracie are most likely from the same litter (if not, at least from the same household) and are about 7 months old - adolescents, I suppose. Well, first we were told that they both were 7 months, but Tiger's paperwork just says "about 1 year" and he is quite a bit larger. Maybe they got it mixed up and these 2 cats didn't even know each other? I need more back-story! It probably doesn't matter - I just thought maybe they'd have more of a bond if they were siblings or litter-mates. They do have some similar features, and seem to get along pretty well (last night, they even snuggled a bit while napping together on the couch - aww!) Tiger can get pretty rambunctious and Gracie occasionally has to hiss and put him in his place like "Hey, I'm just wee, watch out jerkass!" but I've never seen him act aggressively, he's just VERY playful. Gracie is a bit more delicate and reserved and prefers to get a toy in her mouth and sneak off to play with it in private. They're both really good about being picked up and held, and will purr while bonking their head against yours if the mood is right. They turn into little wiggle-puppies while being petted in a reclined position and seem to appreciate all the attention.

I'm sure it sounds silly, but this last week has had me EEKing and fussing quite a bit. I know, they are just cats, cats that we wanted! Much less responsibility than a child, or even a dog! So what am I getting all worked up about? I guess we were just so settled into our quiet old-fart routine, and changes to that just seem to throw us a little off balance. (I know, it was our choice to get two cats so soon after losing Jones - I just hope it was for the best for everybody.) It just seems like I tend to be so filled with doubt and second-guessing about everything, which is a really irritating habit of mine. Life, it can change! And still be okay!

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Swistle said...

I SO identify. Changes, even good changes, always knock me for a loop until I get used to them.