Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nervous Girl Is Nervous

Sweaty palms, sped-up heart rate, spontaneous jibber-jabber, repeated hair fussing, shaky tummy, increased bathrooming... (which reminds me of my favorite search term that led to this blog - "nervous poo poo pants")

All this, just because I have a doctor's appointment in an hour. And it's just a ROUTINE check up, with a doctor I KNOW and LIKE. CAPITALIZED. Sheesh. But still. I probably shouldn't have had coffee this morning.

Also: I really don't want to get on that scale. The digital one always seems to display a number, pause, then adds 3-5 pounds (which is just a drop in the bucket, but still - jerkass scale!)

Also: Upcoming cat-related update!

Also: Thanks for still reading, my bloggy friends. I <3 yous, srsly!


Swistle said...

EMPATHY. I get super-nervous before seeing a doctor, too.

Nervous said...

Thanks Swistle. I was surprised my blood pressure wasn't all jacked up by the time I got in there!