Monday, January 07, 2008

The Late Late New Year Post

Hey! Happy late New Year everybody. And thanks for still coming by Ye Olde Blog even when I've been sucky about posting. I've been quiet, but I'm still reading and enjoying your blogs, even if I do it sneakily (through Google reader) sometimes.

We made it through the holidays okay. Having J's brother and his pregnant wife stay with us during the week of Christmas was cool. The baby is due in May and I bet they're going to be great parents. They're kind of in the same boat as I would be in though - not having a whole lot of experience around kids. I gave them the one baby tip I could think of - no honey for infants, they can get botulism! I remember that one because botulism is one of those words that irritates me - it totally sounds like it should be the name of some cult religion instead of what it is.

We also gave the expecting parents one of those safety bath duckies that indicates when the bath water is too hot. I told them I wanted to get them the Dustin Hoffman model of ducky that shrieked "Hot water burn baby! Hot water burn baby!" but they were all sold out. Everyone just looked at me like I was a sick bastard for saying that, but oh well. Really, there are so many hip and clever items for babies and expecting mothers and such out there I'll have to hold back from going baby-shopping crazy for my almost-in-laws.

Anyway, we got a TON of snow last week and now it's warmed up and rainy. While that's a formula for a decent sized puddle of water in the basement (which can be added to our list of Annoying Homeowner Concerns), my mood is still a whole lot better when the temperature is above freezing. But it's too early to get my hopes up that we can just skip on into spring at this point.

As far as resolutions for the New Year, I'm with the team that makes changes in habits at any given point during the year rather than in January. I'm also a procrastinator. But if I must choose one for now, it'll be: eat more fiber. Beneficial and attainable! (Albeit lame, yes - but I'm starting small, ok?)


Fluffycat said...

Eating more fiber sounds like a good resolution. Also anything with "more" in it is easy.

Those duckies are cute. I should get one for my mom.

iamnot said...

Actually, a sick sense of humor is the only thing that gets me through parenting.
Great job.

Kate@TurnUp.TuneOut said...

"Almost-in-laws" - I'm so going to use that! :-)