Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tig Ol' Burkey

Ok, so I'm not freaking out about Thanksgiving. But I'm also not not freaking out, maaan! Because as you know that is what I do. Nah, it should be fine. It will just be J and I, his parents, my mom, my dad, the cat, and one huge-ass 30lb turkey. As you see, my mom and dad are listed as separate items but they get along fine for the most part, so no big worries there. I just need to keep the folks all chatting or otherwise entertained and not hovering in the kitchen. Think we can get them all to play Wii bowling or some sort of board game? Will we have to rely on the cat to provide the entertainment? Will the dads insist on watching football? Will the moms corner me with wedding questions/suggestions that I can't back out of? Will I be scolded for playing my music, even when it's been carefully selected for the present company? (I know, it's our damn house - but it's happened before.) Will J and I get obnoxiously shnockered in front the 3 out of 4 non-drinking parents? Will I be able to contribute an edible side dish and/or dessert? Will I get my ass in gear and clean the place up adequately enough before Thursday? I don't know, I don't know! Well, we'll just have to see.

So if I don't talk to you beforehand, I hope you all have a warm, happy Thanksgiving (and/or Spanksgiving, if that's what you're into.)



iamnot said...

All I can say is...DAMN that's a big turkey!
Better get that puppy in the oven early. No stuffing in the turkey, it'll slow the cooking and make it tough to get the inside of that beast done.
The good news on the relatives is...after a few years of marriage, you just stop inviting them 'cause they're a PITA.
Happy, happy....

KC said...

I'm so glad that we no longer do the big ol' family Turkey Day celebration. We gave up on that years ago. Now we stay home, cook whatever the hell we want (this year it will be Cornish game hens) and watch TV (but no football for me).

Have fun and best of luck with your family celebration!

Quinn said...

I hope it went well!