Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Behold the ravishes of age!

Last night, I had passed out on the couch (combination of having a drinkey-drink, reading, and I was just sleepy damnit!) and woke up a bit startled for some reason. So I quickly stood up, not realizing that after being curled up on my side for so long one leg was not fully functional. I took a step and my leg gave out, I fell and twisted my ankle. What a way to wake up. Of course it's the same ankle that I've twisted before (though it was much worse the other time) and so it's all swollen and sore around my ankey-bone today. Hmm, I could incorporate this into a Halloween costume. All I need are a few wrinkles and to throw some powder in my hair - cause I've already got the old lady thing down with my limpin-and-a-grumblin.
Then I read an article this morning about depression being linked to bone loss. Hmm, and I had thought it was just linked to a loss in boning. Harf harf.
I didn't exactly have a black cat cross my path today. But I did see the cute Cat In Tha Hood (as in bad neighborhood where my office is) who happens to be black with lil white "socks" on a couple of his/her feets. I thought I saw something moving outside the window at work, and there was the cat getting all comfy on the hood of an SUV in the parking lot. So I guess now I can call it a Hood Cat for more than one reason. Aha ahh aha. Sorry, half-assed humor is all I can scrounge up at the moment.

* I think the title line is said on one of the Simpsons Halloween specials by an old lady when Bart & Lisa go on that extremely lame "haunted" ride. Just so ya know.

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