Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Psst! Hey, you don't mind if I just sit here being totally spooked, do you? OMG, I smelled a cat. Seriously, it was like right here. Holy shit. That is SO not cool. I'm serious I like cannot move now, I'm just majorly fah-reaking out! Gahh! Would ya quit with the talking about me and taking the pictures? For chrissakes you're gonna blow my cover!


Beth said...

(Hysterical laughter)
This is so very funny, now that I get it. I have you "Subbed with Bloglines" and sometimes the pictures don't come through. I had to click on the NervousGirl link to actually see the pic. I was a little worried.

Glad it isn't you that smelled a cat and reacted that way, lol.

Beck said...

I laughed my ass off at "fah-reaking out." Too funny.

Head Like Velvet said...

OMG - you sound just like a'd you do that?

NeverEnough said...

This picture is freaky!