Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Garden, shmarden

If you go back a few months, you can see I started out being kinda gung-ho about this whole gardening thing. Though I enjoy seeing the new plants and things pop up, I can't say I've maintained my excitement level about doing the actual gardening. Yeah, I suck. In other words - I've kinda let some of it get neglected and plus, there are a bunch of stupid wasps hanging around where I need to pull weeds. And then, when you pull a ton of weeds - what do you do with them? The trash people don't want to take them, the city brush collection doesn't want to take them (jerks), and there's only so much room for a pile of compost behind the garage. Eh, oh well - for as little as I've done, it's not so bad (thanks to the previous homeowners planting a bunch of perennials). Here are a couple of the latest pics.

Holy chit, mang! Dos' flowers are as big as jer head!

I wanted to get a shot of the one ripened termater there in the middle, but it apparently was being protected by it's big ol' termater family. I like how you can just see a little red peeking out. We shared our first homegrown tomato the other day and it was so nice and fresh (and I've never even really liked tomatoes!)


NeverEnough said...

I am really craving a bacon, lettuce and TOMATO sandwich right now. God I wish I had your green thumb!!

girlfiend said...

We have the big ones too. Rose Mallow I think, a kind of hibiscus.

Peggasus said...

Don't you have those yard waste bags that you put a sticker on? That's what our old town did for things that the brush collector's wouldn't take. I'd still put them behind the garage, all that stuff really wilts and reduces in a day or two.

I am SO jealous of your tomatoes, as I have no garden this year. I think it's funny that the one in the middle is ripe, usually it's the ones closer to the sun that ripen first. It's so cute! And delicious looking!

Tobiwan said...

Garden fresh tomatos are the best ever. The only thing better than Garden fresh tomatos is salsa made from Garden fresh tomatos...YUM.

Cool blog nerv! I'll have to check out more when I get more time to goof off at work.

Nervous Girl said...

neverenough - yep, we can't wait til enough of them have ripened so we can make BLTs!

girlfiend - aha! I thought it was a hibiscus of some sort, what with the thingy in the middle and all. :)

peggasus - No, I guess what they want people to do is buy a separate service from the garbage collectors in which they give you a smaller "curby" for yard waste pickup which costs like $150.
I think we really lucked out with getting a good tomato starter plant - it's some sort of patio variety that we just have in a huge pot and it seems really healthy!

tobiwan - ooh, fresh salsa - that sounds good too. Thanks for coming by!

KC said...

Wow! That's one damn big flower, girl!

We've got some huge beautiful green leafy plants that came with the new house. I have no idea what they are or how to take care of them. If I post a pic of them, would you be able to identify them so I could investigate what I need to do to keep them looking good? They're starting to get holes in the leaves and some are turning yellow.