Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gone baptizin'

So there's this peculiar church that I pass by and often wonder about. It's a huge, newer building, but it doesn't really have that churchy look about it and plus - it's conveniently mall-adjacent, folks! The kind of church that doesn't necessarily tell you their denomination and when asked, their cult church members' eyes just get shifty and they say "oh you know, just uhh... Christian."

I like keeping an eye on their sign-board, but really I can't help but read all the church signs that I come across. I reported back to The Beef yesterday that it said something about cravings and midnight like "Satisfy those midnight cravings for Jesus!" or maybe it was "Can't sleep? Got a midnight craving for Jesus? Now we're open til 4AM!" (Cut to a commercial of a guy getting up from tossing and turning in bed, mumbling to himself "Can't sleep. Must evangelize.") What's next? A drive-thru with "Hot, fresh Christ to go"? Maybe they share the same marketing people as Taco Bell. And as The Beef has said before "I just don't know how I feel about a church so big that it has it's own parking attendants."

I dunno. Just seems a bit hokey to me, but to each their own.


Leslie said...

I know what you mean. But anything's better than "Got Jesus?"

I mean COME ON. Can't anyone come up with something original and not play off the Got Milk campaign?!

Nervous Girl said...

Leslie - HA! You practically read my mind - I almost put in a little bit about them being one of those "Got Jesus?" kinds of churches. I know, I am SO ready for that trend of advertising to be over!

Peggasus said...

I hate those mega-things. I think they're more about entertainment than faith, because God forbid (!) they ever have any moments of silence, what with all the singin' and dancin' and clappin' and fallin' down that goes on in those places. But I admit I do watch it on late-night / early morning teevee sometimes, for laughs.

Oh, and money. They're all about money, too. I'm thinking about purchasing a vial of Holy Faith Mineral Water, because it will make all my dreams come true. People testify to its power all the time! Only $19.95!