Friday, May 26, 2006

A shout out to the ladies

Uh oh, folks. I'm feeling sappy and hormonal today, but I just gotta say something. So I'll just say it and then we won't have to be embarrassed* or bring it up again. It's just... damnit, I LOVE you women bloggers**! Aww, shucks. I know I don't really know you, but when I read your words sometimes I feel like I do. I find myself saying "Yes! Exactly!" or even at times getting a bit teary-eyed. I feel happy for you when things are going well, and I want to be there for you when they're not. When we share things with each other, I feel this bond that's been painfully missing from my real, day to day life. Sometimes your emails remind me of the special feeling I'd get when being passed a carefully folded note that reads "For your eyes only!" and that just totally brightens my day. Ya see, a lot of times I feel so disconnected and different from women my age. But you all, you just make me happy to be a woman. So, thank you internet girls. Thank you for spilling your guts and sharing your hearts. Keep on keepin it real.

* I won't even make my vaguely bisexual references this time - well, unless you want me to
** not to say the guys aren't pretty damn awesome and worthy of props too


Peggasus said...

Well put! I feel that too. And not only for the ones out there my age (not too many of those), but the ones younger than me, newly married, new mothers, still working, whatever, because they remind me of the ways I used to be too.

I used to think that most (or a lot of) people were stupid, but, surprisingly, the people, and mostly the women, on the Interwebs have restored my faith in humanity to a degree I would not have thought possible.

And I'm not hormonal, because I don't have many anymore.

Nice post.

swirly girl said...

Please, please, please make some bisexual references! The feeling's mutual, by the way. As if you didn't know!

Feral Mom said...

Yes, the ladies rock the blogging house! I agree with Peggasus--there's so much great writing out there, if only there were time to read it all. Thanks for this post and right back at ya. And yay for a sign of feminist life in M!ch!gan!

Nervous Girl said...

peggasus - Yes, you understand! I was surprised too at how many like-minded individuals I've come across amongst the big ol Interwebs (have to weed through quite a bit of schlock too, but it's well worth it!)

swirly - Ha! Yes, I will be slipping those in from time to time. Thanks for taking the bait like that good naughty girl you are! ;)

feral mom - woo hoo! Raise the roof for the ladies up in here! Thanks for coming by, I think you're one helluva cool woman!