Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fourth Grade Foibles (Part 2)

Part Two of A Few

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Alright, I didn't actually end up "going out" with both Keith and Brandon at the same time. Come on. And be like that two-timin' chump Kaylan? Nah. What I did do, however, was have most of the class vote on who they thought I should go out with. Oh yeah, ballots and shit - you know it. Alright, more like a sheet with "check one" on it, but still. Nice, huh?

Brandon was the popular, blond haired, class-clowney kind of guy while Keith was a quietly funny, polite, brown-haired guy. Naturally, nearly everyone in class voted for Brandon. I remember that piece of paper being passed back to me just before the end of class and I looked at it and smiled.

And of course, decided to go out with Keith. Ha.

After all, he talked to me first and I knew Brandon wouldn't really care either way. Plus, I always liked rooting for the underdog.

I think I made a good choice. We never actually did "go out", but one day I convinced Keith to ride his bike over to my house. He whined a little bit about how far away it was, but I insisted. I think for some reason I was going to be alone there or mostly unsupervised for a little while. And of course, I had plans.

I knew I was not supposed to have boys over, let alone have them in my room but I didn't seem to care. When Keith got there, we went in my room where I informed him that we were going to "kiss like they do on TV", demonstating a long french kiss as an example with my pillow. He was a little intimidated by that. After a little compromising, we ended up doing more of a "kiss like fourth-graders would" but hey, I was just happy to get a kiss at all.

And, as you'll see below - he even wrote me a sweet little note! Sure, it took some urging, but it's pretty good, I think. I've been holding onto this one for a long time. I think it was my first "loveletter" from a boy. It still makes me smile.

click to enlarge & squint your eyes to read

What about you? Have you kept old-school love notes? Do you remember the ones you've written?


The Big Cheese said...

I am reminded of the time I sang "on bended knee" to a girl...on a bended knee. She promptly stopped washing her naughty bits, and also decided to sleep with other people.

Blush said...

i hae a file folder full of love letters from various guys...

good call on keith. i bet brandon was a douche.

and wow, youre a go-getter! i didnt get my first kiss (at all) till i was 15 years old!

Will said...

That letter is great, I don't have any old letters. now that I think of it, I never really got a "love letter".

Nervous Girl said...

TBC - maybe "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe would've been more her style?

Blush - Yes, we are the sentimental types with keeping the old letters! Yeah, it's weird that I was more of a go-getter at that age. Once I got to middle school though, I got really shy.

Will - Yeah, I thought it was pretty sweet. And come on now, a cute boy like you - I woulda written you a note!

Jess said...

Very cute post. I finally threw away my old love letters from other guys, Hubby wasn't too fond of me keeping them. Thanks for commenting on my site. And we have more similarities than you realized. I will be 27 in August, so we are both Virgos. My hubby is Keith, he also is funny, polite and brown-haired. Perhaps you should hunt down your Keith, he may have been "the one" lol.

Peggasus said...

That is just too freaking adorable. I would frame that and hang it in my bathroom.