Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yours is a butt that won't quit

I'm very low on energy today, so if I haven't written you or have only half-assed written to you, sorry about that. Me sleepy. No writey good.

So I'll just bring up some TV stuff.
It's easy for me to get hooked on these HBO & Showtime original series. Only, it seems like I don't watch the ones that virtually everyone else does, like "The Sopranos" "Six Feet Under" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or whatever it is you kids are watching these days. However, I've recently become rather into HBO's new series "Big Love" - you know, the one about polygamy, starring Bill Paxton? I think I become easily intrigued with alternative lifestyles, and alright, it's the drama too. It's really quite interesting and worth checking out. If I wasn't so out of it, I'd give you a better review.

I'd also gladly discuss "The L Word" "Deadwood" or "Weeds" with you, should you have an interest in them.
But right now, I can't really focus on much of anything - especially work, which reminds me - I have some to do. Blurrghh.


Will said...

Who the heck wants three spouses, I just don't get the appeal.

girlfiend said...

Is Weeds good? I don't get Showtime and it's not on DVD yet. I miss Deadwood.

Dave said...

Weeds is awesome. I especially find that the mom in that show extremely HOT!

Nervous Girl said...

will - 3x the drama!

girlfiend - I miss Deadwood too. I believe the 3rd season is set to air in June and will be looking forward to that.
Weeds is pretty good, although I wouldn't say it's quite up there with the other shows I listed, it definitely has potential. There are a few things that seem a bit cliched (the black family that the main character gets the weed from, and the jokes about her being too white to be a dealer, stuff like that) or unbelievable, but as the series goes on - I get more pulled in. The mom, being a dealer, having to juggle her duties with her quirky kids (the younger boy starts acting out, the teenage boy is learning about sex and drugs and has a sassy deaf girlfriend), the kids don't have a father (he died, but they don't really talk about that much), avoiding the law and the dangers of other drug dealers, along with her need to get laid - it starts getting pretty interesting. The characters can be annoying yet endearing in their own little ways - so it may be a slow start, but you can definitely get drawn in to this show! (Sorry, that was kind of a sloppy review there after all.)

dave - yes, she really is quite milfy, I'd have to say. :)