Monday, April 24, 2006

Life's a garden, dig it!

I haven't been writing or using the computer as much lately - what's happening to me? Well, you haven't missed much. I've just been spending more time outside, pulling out weeds and dead stuff from the garden while sneezing incessantly. My mom came over on Saturday and we spent the better part of the day working on it, which still is only a dent in all we need to do. It was great to have her help and advice though. While we were doing that, J got us a nice new mailbox, tore out the old box and post and put the new one in, so we no longer have one that's leaning precariously to the side with its door hanging open. Yay!
I even chatted with a few of our neighbors a bit yesterday. I'm sure I made a great impression given that I hadn't showered or put makeup on yet, was wearing grubby gardening clothes and was sniffling like crazy from allergies. Oh well, they were really nice and hopefully I didn't scare them off for good.
So, as you can see it's just boring regular kind of stuff going on over here. But hey, just look at these purty-purty flowers that have popped up behind our house over the last couple weeks!

More to come...

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