Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello Nasty

Well... fuddruckers! I like to use that as an expression but have never had the pleasure of enjoying the above-noted restaurant. We finally checked out the Red Robin though - had never been to one before. Mmmm, so many kinds of burgers, unlimited steak fries, good stuff. According to the waitress, everything was really good but she let us know her feelings were influenced by her being sooo hungry and not having a chance to eat. How does that make you feel? I could see my mom and I were both thinking "Oh, don't worry about us honey, you go get something to eat, we'll wait" but instead we just kinda went "aww" and felt awkward. I love how employees lower their voice and get the shifty eyes, looking out for their manager and tell you about their shitty working conditions or how honestly, "I wouldn't order that. I guess some people like it, but..." and make you feel like you're in on their secret. Then when they slip you the bill, scrawled in quick sloppy penmanship on the back it says "Cant leave! 18 hrs w/no break! Pls help me! Thnx!" Alright just kidding. It was worth checking out again. Yes, I realize I was just talking about getting healthy and whatnot but the occasional greasy dinner out can still be expected, come on now.
Speaking of fast food & restaurants, we're sort of lacking around here. Well, I mean it seems like there are tons of places to eat in this area, just not many that we've found that are all that good. But then again, we're sorta picky and frugal. And ya know, there are a lot of chain restaurants that I'm surprised we don't have. There's no shortage of chain restaurants, but I always hear about these other places that we don't have, like Fuddruckers, Boston Market, White Castle, Sonic, Jack in the Box, Hardees, Checkers, etc. I'm sure there are lots more places that everyone loves that I don't even know about, but I want to know what I'm missing! Give the fatty more choices of fattery! Maybe you all who live in different areas can indulge me with how awesome or disgusting they are.
Hmm, I hadn't intended on this whole post being about food!


BrianAlt said...

I like Fuddruckers! Great toppings bar. I usually put chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, jalapenos and salsa. I call it my Mexican burger. Actually, I've never called it anything before but MINE.

Oh, and the frings and good too!

Ver. 2.8 said...

fuddruckers-looks like a auto parts store

Bosten Market- fraeking good food a littel pircy for fast food well worth it though

white castle- dont go unless your close to a clean restroom

sonic-kind of cool over priced for what it is

jack in the box-no longer in the midwest becouse it made a WHOLE LOT of people sick. Still in the south west and is freaking great fatty food!!!

Hardess-redneck heaven YUCK!!!

Checkers-Normal fast food nothing note worthy

Nervous Girl said...

brianalt - mmm, sounds fuddruckin delicious! Well, as long as they don't let the toppings sit out and get fondled too long - I'm always hesitant with toppings/salad bars! :)

ver 2.8 - thank you for the food reviews, I'll know what to watch out for. :)