Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bad Dream

Had some crazy dreams last night. Do you feel pain in your dreams? Because sometimes I swear I do. I had gone with some people I didn't know to someone's house that I didn't know. The details are vague. I was wearing a dress. These people had two dogs that were sniffing me. The bigger dog got up under my dress and growled and bit into my ass. I was screaming. I reached back and was trying to pull his extremely strong jaws apart, it wasn't working. I could feel it, I swear. No one could help me. It sucked. When I woke up and told J about this, he said that although that does sound like something he would do, he was not biting my ass while I was asleep.


BrianAlt said...

Oh yeah, that was me biting your ass. Sorry I was doing it so hard. I didn't realize. Really I didn't!

I suppose it's very possible that you felt pain, or thought you felt pain. It could be that you were leaning on a nerve or something and that was incorporated into your dream. I know I've felt extreme sadness in a dream, so why not pain?

Blush said...


Dave said...

I have very graphic dreams, and the pain I feel is very real. However, the scariest thing I have ever had happen, is waking up, having the feeling someone is holding me down, and I can't move. It happened to me when I was alone the first time, and I could have sworn it was a pissed off ghost. Turns out, it's a condition where you wake up in level 4 sleep, and your mind wakes up before your body essentially, for around 10 - 15 seconds, you are completely unable to move.

Nervous Girl said...

brianalt - Heh hee! Yeah, I probably was just leaning on a nerve, it's just that crazy power of imagination!

dave - that's crazy, must've been scary as hell! I think I've heard of that or something similar. Like I had heard that when people have dreams where they are being chased but feel like they can't run, it's because their body in reality is in a deep sleep stage that won't allow them to move. Weird, wild stuff!