Friday, January 06, 2006

Joy in Repetition

What is this... tingling sensation I feel? Is this what you humans call... arousal? My tender parts are flushed. Can't... keep... legs together. Must commence to grinding. What is this... pleasure you speak of? Pleasure... without procreation? I must learn more of your ways. It's like my heartbeat... is in my pants. Give me something to sit on. Pardon me, I appear to be magnetically drawn to your lap. Let me just hug your face with my chest. What is this... heat I feel emanating from my loins? Did I sit in a puddle? What an interesting sensation. These panties make me so ticklish. Ooh, if I cross my legs real tight... that's nice.

Have you ever been late to work because you had a not-so-quick morning quickie? Or you decided it might help to get yourself off before work and it took a little longer than expected? Or umm, both? How do you explain that?


Wookiee Rage said...

Oh happy days.

Screw the cigarettes, sounds like you have a better way to release the frustration and ease your nerves.

Screw the fancy schmancy fine mexican dining and cocktails too, I say when you get home tonight you rape that man of yours. He's a big boy he can take the abuse, hell I bet he'd enjoy it. He's practically asking for it. Throw him down in the hall way and have your way with him.

Yeah, sex and video games for everyone!

The Reverend Dan said...

Finally someone understands.

Journey Goer said...

Wait, are you talking about sex?

---- said...

LOL, I'm sure that little bit in the morning makes the rest of the day a WHOLE lot nicer...!

Enjoy that boy of yours!


Webmiztris said...

sure as hell sounds like a better way to start your day than with Special K. :)