Wednesday, November 23, 2005

May turn girlfriend into a sleepyhead

He got the call last night.
The call he didn't think he'd get until after Thanksgiving had come and gone.
The call so many had hoped for, but were too far down the line to receive.
The call that meant he'd be the envy of others who had waited hours upon hours only to come home empty-handed.
The call that reversed his disappointment and replaced it with giddy anticipation.
The call that meant countless hours of revolutionary entertainment.
I was sitting next to him when he got the call.
His eyes lit up and he said "I'll be there right away" and jumped up to grab his coat.
It was the call that said "Your pre-ordered Xbox 360 is here at our store."

I'm not even a gamer, but I'll admit it is pretty amazing. For some reason though, whenever I'm watching him play video games, especially ones with a lot of action, I tend to want to pass out. I don't mean that I want to pass out from excitement or fear - I mean that literally my eyes will start drooping, my head feels all groggy and I find it extremely difficult to stay awake. The next thing I know, I've got a stiff neck from passing out on the couch for a couple hours. I know there's a warning along with video games about epileptic seizures, but I've never heard of them just making someone pass out. Is this all in my mind? He has no idea how I can stay awake through some long drama/romance movie but yet will fall asleep amidst huge surround sound explosions and intense combat on the screen. It has happened at different times of day too, so it's not always just that I'm tired at the time he's playing video games. This happens with action movies too, I've passed out during "Batman Begins" and other movies with a lot of special effects. What up widdat? My little brain can't handle anything too fast-paced?

Well, we're having 5 people over for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Two of which haven't yet seen our new place. It should be a nice cozy gathering with lots of good food and company. I'm very thankful that he knows how to cook, and does it very well. I hope you all have a good time too and don't run into any bad traffic or family feuds. Take care.


Still Standing in Line said...

That phone call is one a lot of people are waiting for. And for those of us who won't be getting one, well...

---- said...

All I know is that your man is one lucky sunofagun. I guess there are a lot of pissed-off boys out there, and apparently a lot of the x-box thingies were sold to people who immediately turned around and put 'em up for auction on ebay.

Crazy shite. I don't know anything about games or game boxes these days. I think the last thing I played was on old-school Nintendo.

And no, the falling asleep thing isn't just you. I'm at least one person to add to the list. It happened today -- the boy was playing Command and Conquer, or something like that (some big testosterone-sounding title), and I was out like a light within a couple of minutes.

(Makes me wonder if there's ever been a study about men/women and action movies/games. Huh.)

Anyway, hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


Grafs said...

HA I'm the same way with video games. It's pathetic...I guess I have to be playing them to enjoy them!