Thursday, November 10, 2005

Girlish babble

I'm eating a vacuum-packed turkey sandwich for lunch from the gas station. I sure as hell hope this was supposed to be sourdough bread! Guhh.

We finally watched "Sin City" last night. We've had it rented from Netflix for about 2 months now. Anyways, it was pretty good. Interesting. A few things were a little disturbing or were just kind of ridiculous, but they managed to break it up enough so that it wasn't too painful to watch. It was really well done. And I'm sorry to get all girly here, but.... Clive Owen? My hero! Mrrrowww. So intense. And fucking hot as usual. Mmmm... bend me in unthinkable ways with those strong, steady hands. Press your weight onto me, making me lose my breath. Cover my mouth with yours. I can take it like a good girl. Let me push the hair out of your eyes so I can look into them while you.... ohhh, fuck. This is not a good time to get worked up. Ahem. Sorry about that.

In other not so noteworthy news, I'm a dork. I mean, I already was, but am becoming even more so. Blah. I'm afraid that I'm "letting myself go" and it aint pretty. It's bad when you spend all this time in the morning getting ready, and then look at yourself and say "damn, well...I guess that's the best I can do." I need a haircut, my hair is getting long and the layers now look a little too shaggy. Need to have it recolored too, I'm not sure if I will go with the "Champagne Blonde" or "Brazilian Brown" that I've already got at home. I could use a makeover. I look so untogether. I never have hip footwear or put the right outfits together. I feel frumpy and outdated. Then again, I don't like taking advice on what to wear. I just need to put more effort into it. Yeah, it's vain and shallow but it would help my confidence.


Wookiee Rage said...

Gas station sandwich? oh, dear. that can't end well.

I vote for brazilian brown, but you know i've always had a thing for brunettes so i'm quite biased.

also, on a side note, when i think of brazilian... well, i think more about a lack of hair rather than a color. perhaps the nice people at clairol or wherever need to rethink their wording.

Beck said...

I say go red.

I feel your "frump" pain.

Grafs said...

Clive Owen...Good call! I also feel better when I consider myself to be well dressed.

Dirk the Feeble said...

I thought Clive Owen was awesome in that movie because he was wearing shoes just like ones that I own. Clive Owen was copying my style!

SD27 said...

No good can come from a vacuum packed gas station sandwich. Yipe!
I hope you're OK.

Soffy O said...

I have seen some pictures of you and I think bright pink or red would suit you. (depending on the kind of town you live's near Vegas, right?)

Ilijah Wood is so awesome in that movie!

Clive Owen. MMMMmm.

The Reverend Dan said...

I've always wondered how "Mrrrowww" is spelled. I always went with three Ws.

Dave said...

I watched sin city, and the only thing I could think about the entire time was just how freakin hot jessica alba was in that movie!

DJ said...

Clive Owen should be the next James Bond. Think of what a turn for the better that franchise would take!